Build Motivation with Easy-Peasy Student of the Week

Students LOVE to celebrate themselves and feel special! Let's be honest, we ALL like to be recognized and honored sometimes. 

I've started a Mini-Student of the Week display. I wanted a cute name for it, but the acronym for Student of the Week - S.O.W. - sow - in my neck of the woods - is a female pig. Not such a cute name to celebrate students! LOL!

I keep it very, very simple.

First, I assign all students a week of the year. The short weeks, like the week of Thanksgiving or the week before Christmas break, I don't assign at all.

Each student brings in a few pictures, trinkets, toys, etc. that are important to them. All I do is put them on display and allow the student a few minutes to talk about them. If the student can bring in some pictures, I hang those up as well. If the student forgets his pictures, I go to Plan B. 

My Plan B is to use student pictures that I take throughout the school year to make sure that EVERY student will have a few pictures to hang in the frame.

I have a basket of "medals" for students to choose from. These are from my Awards For Students and Staff resource at Teachers Pay Teachers. It has certificates and badges (paper medals) in several different colors. 

I enjoy taking the time to celebrate and learn more about each of my students. They feel special and seem to always be on their best behavior. The extra attention is what so many kids crave and need!

Question - How do YOU show your students that they're special? I'd love to add more ideas - help me out by leaving a comment!

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