Make Your Own Reading Guides to Improve Student Tracking!

Super quick tip today - but something that I use nearly every single day at school. It's one of those great tips - quick, easy, and cheap!
Teaching Tips for Reading Class

I'm sure you've seen the EZ Reader highlighting strips that sell at Amazon (and many other places). I actually bought and used these in my classroom a couple of years ago. They are called Reading Guide Highlight Strips and sell at Amazon in a pack of 12 for $13.00.
Reading Guide Highlight Strips
Well, they really are a great product . . . for the first couple of weeks. Then they began disappearing (but no one took them - you know how that goes - no one ever admits to taking anything), and they got bent up and wrinkles, and the highlighted plastic comes out, etc. My students literally beat them up.

That's when I decided that I wasn't going to spend my money on any more of these. Which is fine, except that they really did help my students read more fluently and not lose their place on a page.

Here's where my consumer savviness (really that just means I'm a tightwad!) comes into play.

First, get a few pages of transparency film - I used the kind you can run through a copier.

Classroom Teaching Tips
Next, I cut it into four equal sized pieces, but you can use the sizes that work best for your students.

The third and final step is to make a straight line on the transparency film for students to use as a guide when reading.
Classroom Teaching Tips
Sometimes I turn the transparency film long-ways (landscape orientation) and draw the lines on that way. That seems to work out better for some books that have wide pages.
Classroom Teaching Tips
Here is a reading guide laid over a Read Naturally passage
And there you have it - Short, simple, and sweet! And economical!!

Take care and please stop back again!

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