Back to School Prep - Power Plan!

In my neck of the woods, when the fairs and festivals begin, everyone starts thinking of school. Even though there's still a month or so left, I like to get settled into my room ASAP.

Time for honesty - I've been known to waste way too much time prepping, so I made a list to improve my efficiency and thought many of you might also benefit!

Powerful Plan for setting up the school classroom

First, you need a tall mug of coffee or tea - or some beverage FULL of caffeine and energy! I am the Caffeine Queen Teacher for a reason . . .

1. Sketch out a quick diagram. 
Focus on all teacher and student work spaces - like teacher desk area, small group area, library, etc. Include all of the big furniture pieces and shelves. I also include large carts that need a planned spot. I like to keep carts and some smaller shelves between work spaces so they are handy when we need them.

2. Clean and Dust!
I know - YUCK! It's a drag when you really want to jump in and arrange and make your room look like a classroom, but this is the best and easiest time to do the dreaded cleaning. It will save you time in the long run.

3. Start arranging the BIG furniture pieces.
After wandering around aimlessly for a few minutes blowing dust around, I begin by moving all of the big furniture items around the room. Of course, don't hurt yourself trying to move filing cabinets, etc., ask others for help and know your limits! But it's hard for me to get started decorating until I have the general arrangement of the room. 

My teacher's desk, filing cabinets, the small group table, and the student desks are the first to be arranged.

I decide where my teacher desk goes, and the rest of the room falls into place from there. At my school, the teacher desk needs to go where the power cords and wires are. But once the desk is in place, it's easier to arrange everything else.

Setting up your school classroom for the new school year!

4. Next come the shelves and carts.

Classroom library prep for school

My bookshelves are really big, so they get arranged next. The books and bean bag chairs can wait a while, but (honesty time!) when I found the boxes, they went on the shelves fairly quickly. I usually wait to put out books, etc. in case I decide to move the shelves - which I've been known to do. I try to create cozy corners where students will want to read.

Carts - the more colorful the better, IMHO - they can be used in so many different ways! I recently inherited this cart with the missing drawer. I'm planning to use it for small group supplies and possibly Monday - Friday master planning. My only trouble is running out of floor space for all of my rolly-carts and shelves.

This one is big enough that it needs a special place in the room. I plan to keep it between my teacher desk and my small group table for easy accessibility for both work spaces.

Quick, easy tips for setting up your classroom
Now that I have so many carts, I can be creative with their purposes. . . sounds like another blog article! :)

5. Bulletin Boards
I generally keep up the same bulletin boards all year. I decorate out in the hallway for seasons (with student work and smaller displays), but in the room my bulletin boards are considered Prime Real Estate! If the bulletin board isn't for reference or to serve some other functional purpose, it isn't going up in my classroom!

Math Story Problem Strategy Posters
CUBES or CUBED Poster Set (Place value not included)
I began by putting my CUBES/CUBED Math strategy posters near the floor, but quickly realized that students in the back wouldn't be able to see them, so they ended up above the whiteboard where they were last year (If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?)

Solving math story problems - great strategy!
Click to visit my TPT Store for CUBES/CUBED Poster Set!
Even if you don't have a plan for your bulletin boards yet, at least get up the background paper or fabric and borders up. You can decide on the decorations or posters later, but you will definitely feel better when the bulletin boards are started!

Reading Strategy Posters - Reading Skills Reference Posters
Click to visit my TPT Store for Reading Strategy Posters! With and without Animals!
And while I was climbing on desks, I added the gentle reminder to FOCUS! I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest - not my original idea - LOL! It's obviously Time To Focus!

Classroom Prep - Back to School Style
Yep - got this idea from Pinterest!
6. The Teacher Desk.
I really don't feel like I've made any progress until my teacher desk has been put together - mainly because I've already had to tear it apart to find the stapler (for hanging bulletin boards!) and tape (for who-knows-what!)

Here is what I found when I pulled out my middle desk drawer (after removing a gigantic pile of papers that I shoved in on the last day!)

Teacher Desk Drawer Chaos!

Everything from old Christmas candy, penguin and cannon shaped pencil sharpeners, sea shells?? Wha??

Hints for Organizing the Classroom and Teacher Desk
Love me some school supplies!
At this point, you're obviously thinking that you should not be taking ANY tips on organizing a teacher desk from ME! (I don't blame you - my teacher desk tips end right here!)

7. Class Library Love.
 Now is the time to arrange the books and other knick-knacks around the room. You saw my library shelving area above with the bookshelves, these are book bins. I arrange mine by reading level - the new labels will have to wait for another day!

Classroom Prep - Back to School Style
Organized books - wish they'd stay that way!

8. Organize. . . Everything.

Organizing the Classroom - Tips, Hints, and Strategies!
Little Toolbox Organizer frees up desk space!
You saw my desk - I don't have room for actual, useful office supplies, so I made one of those handy storage boxes.

And on the subject of organizing - here is my math drawer. It's WWWAAAAYYYY more organized than ever. 
Classroom Prep - Back to School Style
This is actually organized chaos!
It's amazing how the hanging files helped - I tried to get by without them for years, but believe me, it's worth the $5 for hanging files that actually fit the filing cabinet! The organized feeling is PRICELESS!

9. Decorate!
Finally! This is my favorite part! I like filling the empty areas and making the room look more homey. I've read that when students feel comfortable in the classroom - as in rooms with homey-touches, they perform better! That's kind of how I operate. I want to feel like my classroom is my home-away-from-home, and I want my students to feel that way as well!

Miss DeCarbo - Click to visit her site!
I love these classrooms!
The First Grade Parade - Click to visit her site!
You've seen other blogs with the little lamps and cute reading areas. If my room was big enough, I'd absolutely add those touches. Do what you can. We all know the way some of our students live - they benefit from those loving touches.

Please share your ideas and tips! What have I forgotten? Leave me some comments below!

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