Magnetic Tape - A Teacher's Best Friend!

Instant Bulletin Board
Happy Hump Day - I still struggle with the term "Hump Day" because when I taught middle school, it took my students five minutes to settle down after hearing it . . . ((eye roll))! Now that I am teaching fourth grade, my students don't even flinch!

My helpful tip this week is something that I've been doing for years, but yet maybe someone out there hasn't heard of it yet. 

Magnetic Tape! It's MAGIC for teachers!

You have probably seen the rolls of self-adhesive magnetic tape - like this one from Amazon. (I am not an Amazon affiliate - just FYI!)
Click on the pic to visit Amazon!
Have you seen this nifty little magnetic tape dispenser? They sell this at Amazon, Walmart, and I'm sure many other places.  My honest evaluation is that it isn't even close to being as strong as the roll. 

This magnetic tape is actually like "tape" - imagine that! It's fairly thin, and not nearly as strong as the roll-type. The roll-type is much thicker and stronger. But this is so darn easy to use!! And the bonus - No Scissors Needed!

Click on the pic to visit Amazon
I tend to go through several rolls of both types every year!

Question:  Why does one teacher need so much magnetic tape? 

Answer:  Because I have a small room. I do have a magnetic white board, however, and I use it to change up posters, worksheets, spelling lists, you name it!

Sometimes I put the magnetic tape directly on my posters, especially if I know that I will be using it for years to come.

Other times, for a rubric or writing prompt, I do this:
Instant bulletin board
Weekly spelling list - in a page protector with magnetic tape
It's so simple!
Make sure to use enough self adhesive magnetic tape that it doesn't fall down or hang catty-wonkers on the board. If I was using the magnetic roll tape, I wouldn't need so much.

I generally have 3 or 4 magnetic page protectors around my room and switch them up quickly and frequently. When I'm not using one, I stash it on the side of my filing cabinet that no one can really see.

I also LOVE these cute little clothes pins to hold up papers. Click on the pic below to visit The Pin Junkie and see how she made them.
Magnetic Tape is a Teacher's Best Friend!
What are your favorite tips and hints for magnetic tape?

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