Multiply and Divide with a New, Unique Strategy!

There are no Silver Bullets - no Magic - no EASY fix for teaching students how to perform 2-Digit x 2-Digit Multiplication and Long Division. If I knew that answer, I'd be a BILLIONAIRE!
math remediation and special education students benefit from visual techniquees!
I'm not a billionaire, or a millionaire, but I DO have a unique strategy for teaching 2-Digit Multiplication and Long Division that I haven't seen anywhere else. I've been using it in my classroom for over two years, and I've received some FANTASTIC feedback from other teachers about their successes!

I call it Shape Multiplication and Shape Division, which focuses on shapes AND colors to help students remembers the sequence of steps for solving these problems.

It looks like this for multiplication:

Two digit multiplication strategy - great for math remediation!
And this for division:

Wonderful division technique for math remediation and special education
As I am working on my SmartBoard up front . . .
Two digit multiplication strategy - new strategy helps students remember the sequence of steps!
students are following along with their dry erase markers. I use these terrific dry erase sleeves (you can get them from many different places - just Google "dry erase sleeves"). I love them and use them almost daily for so many different things.
Two digit multiplication strategy - great for math remediation
I love using these organizers and worksheets to differentiate for my students - the versatility really allows you to scaffold just the right level of help! 
The multiplication pack comes in different sizes, and you can choose the right time to introduce regrouping. You can also choose the right time to eliminate the organizer, and move students right into graph paper worksheets as students transition to independence!
Two digit multiplication strategy - great for math remediation and special education!
I love how the worksheets are custom made for the problems. If you look at problem #6 below, you will notice that the number of circles and squares perfectly match the products, which is very helpful to new learners. 

math remediation and special education students benefit from visuals - shapes and colors!

I also love how these organizers make it easy to correct student errors. (Below) For example, on problem #5 the student kept multiplying the 3 in the square times the 6 in the triangle before multiplying the 3 by the 0 in the triangle. I simply highlighted the ones place (0 in the triangle) and the square in which the product will be placed, so that the student would remember the correct sequence.

You will also notice that on problem #6, the 1 in the circle was crossed out to remind the student that the one (in the circle) was finished and no longer needed.
Highlight steps that students struggle with - great for visual learners!
I LOVE anchor charts - these are easy to make, and FABULOUS reference tools! Below is the multiplication anchor chart that I use and display.
teaching multiplication, math remediation, special education just became easier!
I keep this division anchor chart hanging in my room to remind students of the steps - the phrase that I use is the Division Family: Daddy, (Divide) Mommy (Multiply), Sister (Subtract), Brother (Bring Down), Rover (Start over). I think it's easy for students to remember.

Once students catch on the the routine of long division, I change out the Post-It Notes numbers. I do my best to keep it color coordinated, but, well, life happens! 
Math remediation and special education students learn the steps through visual methods!
Here is the Money-Saving BUNDLE! Check it out - I think you will like what you see! You can also purchase JUST the Multiplication and JUST the Division packets. Click on the picture to visit my store!
Terrific bundle for math remediation and special education students!

Very unique technique for math remediation and special education student success

New division technique bring success - great for visual learners!

2-Digit and 3-Digit Shape Multiplication!
I really do believe in these strategies! I think they can help your students, and I think that you will find them helpful and easy to use! If you have any questions, please ask!

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