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I've been relaxing and spending WAY too much time on Pinterest lately (pinning delicious looking foods and recipes that I will never really make . . . )

I also spend quite a bit of time looking at school stuff. Here are a few pics and pins that really caught my eye this week - maybe they will help you as well!

School Supplies
Click a Pic of School Supplies!
First, I do believe that a picture's worth a thousand words. Here is a display of back to school items that students will be needing. Parents can simply "Click a Pic" of this display to take with them shopping. It's easy to keep on a phone if you aren't a list maker (or you are like me - I make lists, then leave them sitting on the counter every time I go to the store!)

Back to school
Door of Integrity
Here's another pin that caught my eye: The Door of Integrity from a blog called tales from the crib. I love that this door reminds students that they are responsible for what they do, say, and even what we think. We all need occasional reminders - even us teachers!

Speaking of responsibility, I will do my darndest to blog each Wednesday to update you with the latest and the greatest news from my highly caffeinated world.

Take care and hope to see you soon!

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