Monthly Journal Writing made easy!

Quick pics to show off what we were working on during the last week of April, and also to show you that I truly do use my own products in my classroom.
300 Different Writing Prompts! Student Journal Writing for all year!
Prompt cards, calendar, and rubrics - make your life easier!
These pics are from my Journal Writing - April Kit - there is a kit for each month and a money-saving year-long BUNDLE! (Click on the pictures for the link.)

Each monthly kit comes with prompt cards, a prompt calendar page, writing papers, rubrics, covers, and checklists! The writing papers offer options for putting the journal together for the month or for the week. You can choose to have students draw pictures or just write.

I require my students to write a topic sentence, three detail sentences, and a summary sentence for a total of five complete sentences in their paragraphs.

Above is one student's journal cover for April. At first glance, it may not be the most beautiful cover ever, but it was done by a special needs student who was so happy to color inside the lines! She was very proud to take it home!

It's so much fun for me to read what my students write. Some of the answers are so cute - and some are so honest! It's a great way to really get to know your students!

Grading isn't so tough when you use the quick, easy rubric. After I read through each journal, I circle the description that fits the student's writing skills. After adding up the points, I multiply the total by 5 to get a percentage out of 100. Quick and Easy!

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