All Students Deserve an MVP Award!

My 2015-2016 school year is officially over! I'm enjoying my first few days of summer break, but I wanted to tell you how my class closed out the year.

First, I set the stage by planning a small little breakfast "banquet" of donuts!

End of the School Year - Party Time School Style!

Next, while eating the yummy donuts, we watched a slide show of class photos taken throughout the year. I had updated it the week before, so there were tons of pictures that the students hadn't yet seen. Their favorites were the goofy shots, but they enjoyed reviewing the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day photos. Fieldtrips were in there too, plus some at recess!

The Year in Pictures - End of Year!

I'm not very techy, but even I can do a slide show! 

Finally, we had a small award ceremony. Nothing fancy, but I wanted to honor a positive trait in every one of my students. I had MVP badges (made of paper!) in several colors for students to choose from. As I called their name to receive their certificate, I reminded the class that we all have special gifts and traits that make us special and very, very valuable members of the class and society.

Quick and Easy - End of Year or anytime!

The awards had names like: Biggest Heart, Problem Solver, Special Friend, Always Smiling, The Organizer, Keepin' It Clean, You Can Count on Me!, Super Effort, and so on. I tried to think of character traits that students had control over and that they put effort into.

It was a hit! They decorated their own awards and had fun taping them to their lockers to show off. They wore the pins for the rest of the day!

Easy End fo the Year Party Awards

If you are interested in the MVP Awards Kit (MVP can stand for Most Valuable Pupil or Most Valuable Person), click on the Picture of the Cover (below) or here:  MVP Awards for Students and Staff!

Students personalize their own awards or make them for classmates!

What a great group of kids I had this year - I will miss them TONS!

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