Excited about ...Contractions!

Contractions have taken over my small group time lately! My Contraction Bingo is what they want to play - and if it isn't that, it's one of the 3 versions of my "I Have, Who Has. . ." games!

The picture above shows a small group playing the Bingo game. Like all classes, I have several students who are miles above the others, and several other students who are sometimes miles below.
In my recent rotation, I mixed some groups and allowed the "abovers" to be the callers for some rounds of Bingo. Halloween offered the perfect time to reward the players with some fun candy, and we typically continue the play until every player has Bingo-ed! The caller also gets rewarded for being a terrific caller.

After a round or two of Bingo, if time permits, they are allowed to switch games to "I Have, Who Has..." There are 3 versions included in my Contractions Games on Teachers Pay Teachers.  
They select a version (version 1 includes the most commonly used contractions, while versions 2 and 3 include the common contractions along with the others, which are divided between the two versions) and begin play.

Sometimes, when they are especially good or need a change of pace, I will allow them to use a timer and play a version of what we call "Hurry Up."  That's when they play the game and time themselves - always looking to better their times. They ABSOLUTELY LOVE the challenge!

As always, I hope you stop by my humble blog again - I loved having you visit!  Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for more products!

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