Multiplication Chart Freebie!

It's the end of the 9 weeks - grade cards are due! Parent-teacher conferences are coming fast! Holidays are right around the corner! Will I ever get caught up?!?!?! The answer always seems to be NO! Every Time we are able to cross something off of our "To Do" list, we teachers just keep coming up with more and more to do!

Here is a quick post with a FREEBIE(!!!!!) to let you know that I'm trying and trying to keep my head above water and - YES - I'm still around!

This multiplication chart has been made into booklet-form for a reason - I know some of you out there are scratching your heads trying to figure out WHY I would create this booklet.

The outside:

And here is the inside:

Other than the cuteness factor, there is another reason that I created this multiplication chart in booklet form. I made this cute multiplication chart "booklet" to encourage my students to use the chart when they couldn't figure out any other way. 

My fourth graders are just becoming fluent with their facts, and I wanted them to have the security blanket of a chart to lean on when needed. Yet, I need to always encourage independence with their facts - which is why I decided on a booklet format with a cover that made them think twice about sneaking a quick peek!

We are lovin' our Emergency charts!

I ran the pages back-to-back and folded the paper in half to create a one page book that will hopefully encourage them to think twice before peeking at the chart on the inside!

I hope your students find it as helpful as mine do!
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