Irregularly Spelled Words - Trouble with a Capital T!

My new crew of students are absolutely wonderful!  They are pretty good readers and spellers overall, but I quickly recognized that they stumble over irregularly spelled words.  They try to sound them out - doesn't work, then they just plopped down some letters, and that definitely didn't work. Time for some intervention.

I began studying word lists, like Fry and Dolch, and irregularly spelled words, but they didn't focus on the words that my students needed so badly.  In the end, I developed my own set of irregularly spelled words based on Fry, Dolch, and Vaughn and Linan-Thompson word lists.  This is a list of 100 irregularly spelled words that came from the most frequently used words from children's literature.

This Word Wall of Irregular Words quickly turned into a LABOR of love.  It took me weeks to finish (embarrassment, flaming red cheeks!), but once finished, it's been working wonderfully! I've been using it for the past several weeks with my students and now I'm ready to introduce it to the world!

Please excuse the cheap-camera-photos!

The word cards shown in the above photos are my small-sized Word Wall set words. This kit was designed to provide you with several different choices.  I would LOVE to have a large word wall display in my classroom, but I currently have a room with a lot of windows and cabinets, and little wall space, so I am using the small word wall version with the word wall headings. There is also a set of larger word cards.  Blank words cards (not editable) are also included so that you can add words unique to your class, or differentiate for your class or individual students.

I frequently send a set of word rings (above) home with students who need additional practice with these irregular words. I make the Word Rings by printing a set of small word wall words, laminating them, hole punching them in the upper left-hand corner, and using a book binder ring to fasten them together. The number of words and the words themselves can be differentiated for each student depending on his/her needs. Title cards are included so that you can make different sets in different sizes.  Blank title cards are included (not editable) that allow you to write students’ names on them, or any other title that you would like. If you prefer to save ink, a set of flashcards are included. Each student could receive his/her own set to practice with at home or at school.

The photo above shows one of the Student Mastery Checklists (version 1). Two different versions are included, along with a blank copy for you to use as you need.  They are perfect for progress monitoring.  (Also, if you are a fan of The Office tv show, you will notice that my students' names are Michael Scott, Toby Flenderson, and Dwight Schrute!  Gotta have fun!)

At the top of the photo, you see the colored version of the Student Data Tracker. If you choose to have your students track their own data, a choice of colored cover or ink-saving black and white cover are included. Colored and black and white versions are included for the Teacher Data Trackers as well.

In the photo above, I am using the Student Mastery Checklist that is designed for three different dates of assessment.  Beginning of the year, mid-year, and end of year are typically used. This type of assessment would be ideal for SGMs (Student Growth Measures) or SLOs (Student Learning Objectives) if your state or district requires them.

I like to highlight the words that students need to continue working on. In the past, I have not used dates at the top of the page, but rather added the date beside the + mark each time I assess.  

The photo above shows version one of the Student Spelling Dictionary. Two different versions are included with the words written in, along with a blank copy for you to use if you choose. I like to use these dictionaries as a reference for students when they are writing. Students are often very proud of their little dictionaries and love to add new words. My students keep theirs in their writing portfolios. 

Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for more goodies and my Pinterest Page for TONS of ideas!

If there are any questions you have about this product (or any of my TpT products), please don't hesitate to ask!  

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