New Products and Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Yep - it's that time of year again.  Not much we can do about it!  I'm excited, but nervous to start my new position at a new building in my same district.  It's all those little things like who you eat lunch with, and **Horror** having to be introduced!  {Scream!}

But - on the bright side - it's good to be on a schedule.  My summer tends to be willy-nilly.  I usually get up at 6:00, but then I fiddle around too long on the computer reading blogs and checking Facebook, etc.

I did manage to make some new products, so without further adieu:

This is geared towards younger early elementary students, or upper elementary students who need some addition fluency and review:
    This set of 3 mazes is geared towards second grade on to upper elementary students:

This set of task cards is geared towards middle school students working towards pre-algebra/algebra:

The big sale at Teachers Pay Teachers starts Monday, August 4 and ends Tuesday August 5.  Not much time, so pack your shopping cart early!


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