It's a Little Off-Topic - Jewelry Frames!

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My lovely daughter has been after me for awhile to create some jewelry holders using picture frames that we have pinned from Pinterest.  Well, Sunday, the day finally arrived!  We bought these pictures from a garage sale and I fell in love with the character of the frames.  I did pay $10 each for them . . . not quite garage sale prices, but I thought they were still worth the extra money, and I know that I'd NEVER find such pretty frames in a store for $10 each.

I bought a package of 4 square cork boards, some Elmers Spray Adhesive, some black pin tacks, and some black cotton fabric all from the craft section of Walmart.

The picture below shows the frame with the picture removed.

Here I have the cork boards lined up and measured to be cut to size.

The picture below is the backside of the corkboard.  I lined up the fabric so that it would look good from the front, then I flipped it over and stapled the fabric in place along the side.  I have not yet sprayed the adhesive on the front.  I thought the staples would hold it in place to make applying the fabric easier - and it worked!  After I stapled the fabric in place (as seen below) I trimmed the fabric to a more manageable size.

The picture below shows the top-side of the cork board.  You can see that the fabric along the left-hand side has been stapled in the back and the cork board is ready to be sprayed.  After I sprayed it, I flipped the fabric onto the frontside and smoothed it.  It was really easy!

After smoothing the fabric on the front-side, I flipped it over to the back, and stapled all of the sides down.  After letting it dry for about 15 minutes, it was time to add it to the frames!  After some tugging and pushing, it fit snuggly and I fastened it in place.

Here are the two frames.  The frames are both off-white, and the fabric is black.  I thought it would look nice on my daughter's wall, which is beige.

Ta Da!  Here are the finished frames!  The necklaces are held in place with black pin tacks (50 of them for about $2.50).
                                                            And watches and bracelets!

The finished products.  They are actually prettier than these photos show.  I have an old phone (not a Smartphone), so the pictures aren't the best, and the colors don't show as well as they should.  :(

As long as my dear daughter is happy . . . . well, that's really all that matters, huh?

One last picture of MY necklaces.  My hubby wasn't in love with the idea of my jewelry hanging on our bedroom wall, so I bought some Command Hooks and hung my necklaces in a corner of my closet.  Not quite as pretty, but equally as functional!

(On a side note, see the little trophy in the picture above?  My oldest son bought it for me for Mother's Day when he was little and I've treasured it for years and years!)

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