I'm a Fourth Grade Teacher!

It's official - I changed my button on this blog from a "Middle School Blogger" to "Fourth Grade Blogger."  So from this point on, anyone out there reading my blog posts will notice a change in the content.  I've been slacking on blog writing this summer, mainly because I figure that I need to get a few weeks of fourth grade under my belt and I'm going crazy learning new content!

I hope anyone out there following this fledgling blog will stick with me, but I certainly understand if you are a middle school teacher, some of my new content may become irrelevant.

I'm super excited and super charged to get rolling on 4th grade content and curriculum!  I've spent the summer reading blogs and teaching books, so I hardly feel like I've stepped away from school too much.

I will miss the middle school students - there's no other group quite like them - and I absolutely LOVED them!  I will miss having heart to heart conversations with middle schoolers on their way to becoming adults.  I will miss that a lot . . . .

Anyway, like I said - the new Blog Pin makes it official!

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