Super Fun Interactive Mazes and Grade Level Change!

My exciting news is that I am changing grade levels from middle school to upper elementary!  I will be teaching both third and fourth grades next year and I am absolutely excited to get started!  

Right now I'm featuring my best sellers - quick and easy to use - and perfect for the end of the year.  They are educational, yet fun for the students.

Distributive Property Mazes with and without Variables
This is a set of 3 mazes - along with answer keys!  Quick, easy, and fun!
These mazes are set up for ALL students to be successful - even if they answer one or two problems incorrectly! Doesn't it look fun??

Along the same lines - is another set of mazes for the order of operations.
Order of Operations Mazes - No Exponents, Limited Division

And for students needing more of a challenge . . .

I hope you are enjoying the last several days of school and your time with your students.  They will always remember you!

Have a great summer!!!!

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