Ahhh - Personal Day!

Hi all!  I am off on a personal day today, away from my classroom while a trusted sub takes over for me!

Are you a personal day hoarder?  In my district, we have negotiated a total of 3 personal days.  We have one that we (basically) HAVE to take at some point because we won't get paid/rewarded for NOT taking it, and it just disappears.  The other two days, if we don't take them, we can get paid for them - a heavenly sum of about $50!  And after taxes, it might be about $30!  Who could pass that up??  (Although I have passed it up during some years - I figured I could buy half a bra at Victoria's Secret . . . .)

Well, I had a planned personal day last week also, and was thrilled to find a small gift when I returned to my classroom the next day.  You can see the beautiful gift in the picture below.

I know you're thinking - what the heck is that?  I wondered myself when I saw it!

Upon closer inspection, I saw that each link had writing on it.  About that time, one of my students entered the room to see if I was back.  She told me that at the very end of our study hall time, the students made this for me.  My wonderful sub had suggested that my students write down what they liked best about me on each link!  It was such a happiness booster!  My students were so excited to read their messages to me, and I was so excited to hear them!  When you receive compliments and funny messages from your students - it means a lot!  I think this could also work for student birthdays, too.

If any one out there is a sub - this is a really neat idea to tuck into your bag of tricks for times when you have 5 or 10 minutes to kill.  At my school, we can often choose the person who subs for us, so this little trick could pay off for some subs who are looking for more phone calls.  Believe me, this sub is on the top of my list!

Anyway, my last personal day is gone . . . the count down to the end of the year is ON!

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