Task Cards for a Substitute teacher!

Funny Get Well Ecard: Teaching - The only profession where you have to do more work to call in sick than if you just suffered through it.
Student and Sub approved!

Not too long ago, I felt absolutely awful and had to take a sick day.   I had no sub plans ready to go (I mean - I never get sick!)  I realized that my "Emergency" sub plans were way too generic, so I had to make a special trip to school and 9:30 at night to get my plans around.  Not fun.

Well, and hour and a half later, I was still struggling to get decent plans made.  I was angry at myself for not having plans ready-made and getting frustrated that it was taking me so long.

That was when I realized that task cards really ARE the answer!  I had some task cards that I had made for my Teachers Pay Teachers store and knew that I had hit the answer right on the head!  I typed up directions for several task card games, made sure I included the answer key and a quick tutorial on how to solve the math problems (I've learned that math can be quite intimidating for subs), and I was good to go!

Here is a link to the task cards that I left for my sub:  Task Cards!
Area and Perimeter Task Cards for Squares and Rectangles!

If your not into Area and Perimeter, how about "Used and Abused Verbs", which are task cards reinforcing the correct usage of commonly misused verbs - including took/taken (my students say "Tooken"!!UGH!!), did/done, isn't/aren't/ain't;  you get the picture.  Click here:   Used and Abused Verbs Task Cards

Used and Abused Verbs Task Cards  Commonly Misused Verbs

I love the idea of having students make their own task cards.  (Sounds like a future blog post!!)  I have some blank task cards available for just that purpose!  Here are ink saving task cards:  Ink Saver Task Cards - Make Your Own!  They're only $1!  Great for exit tickets and reviewing!

Blank Squiggle Task Cards for All subjects!

Or, if you don't mind the extra ink - here are some colored ones:  Colored task cards - make your own!

Blank Task Cards - Make Your Own!

I've had 2 different subs and both of them enjoyed the games - so did the kids!

Seriously - using task cards for substitute teachers is such a NO-BRAINER! What took me so looooong?!?!?

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