Fractions, Percents, and Decimals, Oh My!

In my classroom we are converting fractions to decimals to percents to fractions and on and on.  We work at the chalkboard, the Smartboard, and on our dry-erase boards. 

Does this ever happen to you?

“Yay!  This is easy!  We get it!”  the students chirp happily. 

“Yay!”  I celebrate - another wonderful lesson that my students immediately understand and have no questions about (obviously because I did such an incredible, phenomenal, FANTASTIC job teaching it!!!) 

Happiness! Unicorns! Rainbows!
Until. . . . we grade the homework.  What started out so easy and so promising, just dissolved the minute the students walked out of the room.

“I got it when we did it in class, but when I do it on my own I don't get it!” was the chorus.

I need a wonderful foldable showing exactly how I want my students to convert all of these numbers from one form to another. And I have one!
It's easy to understand, and we don't spend much of our valuable class time making it.  After all, we only have 50 minutes.

The most difficult part for my students was making sure that the outside labels were on the correct tabs.  One of my students had two of his labels switched, which of course caused some trouble until we were able to switch them to the correct tab.

What I like about the foldable is that the students are learning to rely on themselves to figure out how to solve their problems, which promotes independence.  Foldables make such wonderful reference materials.  

Please visit my TeachersPayTeachers Store by clicking HERE.  To go directly to the foldable, please click FOLDABLE.

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