It's Friday! TGIF!

Okay, if I'm so tired, why am I sitting at my kitchen table wrapped in a blanket, wearing two sweatshirts, and sipping hot tea?  I could be cuddled up on the couch watching who-know-what and pinning pins on Pinterest.

But it is my first post and I'm antsy to get started.  It's been a long week.  And did I mention it's been a loooong week?  Well, it has.  One snow day, a delay day, a new student from out of state with an out of state IEP that we can't seem to decipher, on and on.  Plus all the normal stuff, like ball games, helping my own kids with homework until my eyes can't stay open.  TGIF!

I left my lesson plans undone on my desk at school.  At least I have Monday covered.  I plan to go into school again tomorrow (while it's peaceful!) for my second attempt at making lesson plans.  We're expecting several inches of snow this weekend, so it could possibly be in vain, anyway.

Meanwhile, I planned to sip my hot tea and search for a foldable about converting fractions to decimals to percents and back again.  There are several ideas out there, so just pick one, right?  Well, with my OCD perfectionism, I want to make my own.  Why??? My husband asks.  Pick one and buy it on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Well, I'm like a two-year old.  Stubborn and "Me do it!"  "Me do it myself!"

Have you ever driven yourself crazy?  That's me.  Well, I've guilt-tripped myself into ending this post and really starting to either look for a foldable to buy, or get ready to spend several hours that I don't have trying to make my own.

Stay warm - it's cold out there!  The windchill is currently 0 degrees.  Heck - that's up from -21 that we started our day with.  I digress. . . . but it's Friday!  :)

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